Used Automatics for Sale

Please search our extensive selection of quality pre-loved vehicles to find your perfect match. We always have a large number of cars available in stock with semi and automatic transmissions.

The advantages of choosing a vehicle with Automatic transmission include:

  • Easier to drive - Many customers find automatic cars easier to drive as the gearbox picks the right gear for the cars speed without the driver having to depress a clutch pedal or select the appropriate gear. Automatic cars don’t have a clutch pedal or gear stick, instead they have a shifter which lets you choose between Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive (plus additional options for 4 wheel drive vehicles).
  • Fuel Efficient - Manual cars have typically been more fuel efficient than automatics as they weigh less and often have fewer RPM’s when driving. However, modern automatic transmissions use features such as variable gears and can be just as fuel efficient as their manual counterparts.
  • Just as much fun – A number of models today offer a semi-automatic option and although the term may differ between manufacturers, these automatics can be shifted into a manual mode and driven through the gears like a regular manual without having to depress a clutch. The most convenient feature is that they can also be driven like a conventional automatic when needed.
  • More value – The appeal for an automatic is far greater on the used car market when it comes for you to sell. An automatic will be easier to resell and will hold more value.

EMC highly recommend that you consider purchasing a car from our automatic selection and we are always happy to arrange a test drive for you to experience the advantages for yourself. We look forward to hearing from you soon!