We are all experiencing challenging times as the UK cost of living crisis squeezes our finances.

Here at Eastbourne Suzuki we want to offer you help in a way you may not have considered.

Our ‘Feeling the Squeeze’ offer can provide you the opportunity to potentially save on your motoring costs AND enjoy some cash back to boost your finances.

Having recently been awarded Suzuki National Dealer of the Year 2022, as the best performing dealership in the UK for sales, service and customer experience, you can trust us to give you personalised sound advice.

As used car values have been steadily increasing since mid-2021, they have reached a peak making now the optimum time to take advantage of our ‘Feel the Squeeze’ offer. Used car values are starting to level off and are now predicted to fall significantly as the busiest new car registration month of March is soon upon us.

Many of our customers have already taken advantage of their vehicles current value and released £1000’s worth of equity paid straight into their bank accounts. Others have used the equity as a sizeable deposit towards a replacement new or used vehicle; some have done both!

We are giving you the opportunity to maximise the value of your current vehicle by releasing equity, receiving cash back and potentially reducing your monthly motoring costs should you choose to buy a new or quality used vehicle from our extensive selection.

We look forward to warmly welcoming you to our showroom and explaining how our ‘Feel the Squeeze’ offers can benefit you

Let’s explore your options together. We can help you to release some cash to help combat those bills.
You can sell your car or trade it in to release some equity or upgrade to a new or used car. Either way we’ll find the very best deal for you..

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