EMC Climate Change Initiative

EMC has partnered with the United Nations Association Eastbourne (https://www.unaeastbourne.org) for their Carbon Offset Project.

We are offsetting our Caborn Footprint by planting 2 trees for every vehicle we sell.

EMC has helped plant since 2023

3,300 Trees

By planting these trees EMC is not just helping the environment, we are also creating jobs and improving local communities in Uganda, one of the poorest countries of the world, where the trees are planted.

Mvule Project - Carbon Capture

The Mvule tree (also known as Iroko) is one of the most commercially important tropical hardwood trees in Africa it is also a near-threatened species. This UNA Eastbourne project plants three types of tree...

Milicia excelsa (Mvule/Iroko)

This is the primary tree planted for the purpose of carbon sequestration. It captures over 4 times more carbon than an Oak tree of the same age! [Grows up to 45-50m high by >300cm wide]

Terminalia superba

Is a companion species planted to provide communities with good-quality timber and is used in agroforestry. [Grows up to 50m high by 70cm wide]

Maesopsis eminii

Another companion species is planted to provide fuel wood, reduce soil erosion and support biodiversity.